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Masonry contractor | Brick - Stone - Block quick
  New construction   Renovation & Restoration  
House Commercial
Condo Churches
Multiplex Others
Careful installation of brick, stone, block,
apron and lintel
Installing insulation, membrane and anchoring
Creation of original designs
Reading plans and specifications
Help choosing quality products

During our meeting with you, we take care of analyzing your property to identify the needs, problems and solutions. All so you can have peace of mind..

Making the difference !
We know that it is impossible to make renovations without being visible, but we take care that colors and dimensions of masonry such as brick, stone, apron and lintels are as identical as possible.
Mortar sampling (on request)
Using old brick like yours
Customized apron and lintel duplication
(on request)
Water infiltration

Ventre de bœuf

Wall stabilization

Crumbling brick and mortar

Cracked and bursted bricks

Bricks always wet and humid

Inadequate ventilation
behind the walls

Heat loss and airflow


Damaged and rusty anchors

Used membrane, damaged, or improperly installed

Stained brick cleaning

Effervescence pollution

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T: 514-583-4988 F: 514-321-4011
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We work with our clients and professionals such as:
engineers, Architects, Cities (grants and permits), Hydro-Québec and others.